Here is tonight’s dinner with my homemade cevapcici (ćevapi) picture down here, with my son’s mix salads, yoghurt-sour cream dip with rice of course and my garlic-mushroom cream soup 🙂


Minimally I have modified the soup, because I did used one pouch of garlic soup from finish product. And added fresh sliced button mushrooms and my vegetable stock. Some butter, vegetable broth cube, some sliced fresh garlic, salt and pepper, that was it.

My Garlic-Mushrooms Soup

Melted butter in a large pot, sauté fresh mushrooms briefly add sliced garlic. Now pour in the about 250ml stir in one pouch of garlic soup simmer for 5 minutes or until soup thickened.

Procedure by cooking Garlic-Mushrooms Soup

Seasoned with vegetable broth cube, salt and pepper. You can add whip cream also if you prefer. Adjust seasoning if necessary. Served with chopped parsley on top or if you want croutons!
As soup for dinner or lunch during winter cold days.


I like soups because it just goes “hay” and it keeps me warm and full. Especially during cold days. As you will find here in all my entry, I always have soup for start. Maybe fewer during summer time but in winter often. Next time I will try some versatile soup out of parsley, potatoes, pumpkin and more…


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