The day (Monday, January 21, 2013) today had started too early for me. waaahhh…I got up 😦
Vienna time: 3:01 in the morning and I’m hungry 😦

My early morning breakfast 3:01 in the morning!

This what I got from the Kitchen:
Tuna in brine from can, sliced tomatoe and onion with siling labuyo seasoned with anchovy sauce (bagoong balayan), a cup of coffee with milk and I heated left over rice…Solve 😀
Mybe due to excitement for a very important appointment today the reason why I got up so early!


Came back home about 12 noontime, have to cook lunch for the kids. Just what I’ve found in my pantry today; mung bean, pork spareribs and I bought one pack of spinach from Merkur Market. That was it. Seasoned with one btoth cube and few drops of anchovy sauce. With tomatoe and onion. My 2 kids loves mongo specially with spinach, what ever meat or fish we add. Amazing, but true. hubby and I we started giving them spinach when they were young. There’s nothing miraculous about it, I don’t think. We started serving it to them very young, always made sure it was tastily prepared, and always enjoyed eating it with them. Just like Popeye the Sailorman was a great lover of spinach! 😀
They said that spinach has a high level of iron and excellent source of vitamin C. I love spinach too it doesn’t matter if it is cook with meat, fish, salad, in bread cases, with sour cream or even just blanch as side dish. I think kids can learn to love most vegetables, if they’re introduced early enough, prepared tastily enough, eaten often enough, and enjoyed by parents together with kids.


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