No real evidence — organic foods are minimally healthier. Bad news for Organic Food Fans: Organic foods are according to a study only slightly healthier than conventional food. Organic foods are not therefore nutritious. Organic food reduced but certainly the risk pesticides to eat. The researchers looked through thousands of studies. Results: The vitamin content differed according to the researchers hardly, fats and proteins were similarly distributed. Pathogen is more prevalent in either group. Also, it seems as if biologically bred chickens and pigs have fewer antibiotic-resistant bacteria, but the clinical significance of these findings is unclear, according to the researchers.

Garden Salads (organic or none organic)

The researchers stress that they educate consumers and do not want to discourage the purchase of organic food. Many people bought organic food because of the taste, animal husbandry, or the impact of conventional agriculture on the environment.

Conclusion: Conventional fruit is no less healthy for the human body as an organic fruit and vegetables. But: When organic farming is no need for pesticides.

And this may have a positive impact on people and the environment. People goes crazy buying oraganic food thinking that is more nutrients than conventional one! 😀


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