Kamyas or popularly spelled as kamias is basically a slender tree with fruit classified as a berry. The cylindrical fruit is very acidic and is used as a souring agent. We usually use it to sour fish as in “paksiw or pinaksiw”. The fruit can also be candied and served as sweets which actually taste good. When I was a kid, we used to eat kamias or iba in our language fresh from the tree then dipped in salt to counteract the very sour I mean really grimace-inducing sour flesh. The young fruit is a little bit bittersweet and the ripe ones really taste good. The very sour one is used for eating and cooking too.

This is one fruit that I havent really seen here in the Asian supermarkets fresh. There are some dried ones but they’re gross looking. The one I used here, I brought from Philippines last time I was down there was 2006.  🙂


* 1 kg fleshy fish (I used Horse mackerel)
* a handful dried “Kamyas”
* 2 pcs. chilli finger
* a thumb-sized Ginger sliced
* 1 onion
* chopped fresh or dried chive
* some Canola oil
* some Water


***Mix all together the ingredienst in a casserole, cover and cook for about 8 to 10 minutes. That’s it!


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