The important thing about celebrating a birthday is to give thanks being alive, and having a blessed life with caring friends and a loving family. Thank you so much who remembered me on my day, who send me greetings and wonderful wishes both personally, personal message on Telephone, Handy, FACEBOOK (particularly Father Ron Sandoval, Jojit de Mesa, Josie Oandasan Santos, Bernadette Kenniker and Anamarie Badando/ to those who does not want to be mention their names), on my FACEBOOK WALL, my TWITTER ACCOUNT, DAILYBOOTH ACCOUNT and for those who extra spend their time to ring me up (specially to BFF Danalin/ to those who does not want to be mention their names) my MS-HFC FAMILY, to all my BATCHMATES of BATCH 81, my NOYTUBE FAMILY, my YOUTUBE FOLLOWERS, my TWITTER FOLOWERS, my DAILYBOOTH FOLLOWERS, my FACEBOOK friends, my friends in VIENNA, my friends all over the WORLD, my friends in HONGKONG, LONDON, JAPAN, and USA, my FOOD FRIENDS, my FAMILY FRIENDS, my BEST FRIENDS (you know who you are: BES/BFF), my College colleague, my RELATIVES and of course my very own FAMILY… THANK YOU SO MUCH! 🙂


This was my lunch yesterday which I cooked, Spaghetti a la Pancit! also as my Pancit for my birthday…lol…


I just saute, onion, garlic, ground meat or minced meat, green peas, carrots, broccoli, corn kernels, surimi, fish balls and for the sauce I used Rice Sticks SAuce from Fil-Choice brand from Philippines.

Rice Sticks Sauce Mix

Just dissolved in 3 cups of water or 750 ml soup stock. And as usual spaghetti cooked according to package instruction, al dente!

Dinner at der Ringsmuth Restaurant

Then for dinner we went to der Ringsmuth Restaurant near us, with my Noytube BFF Dana.

Unique Bread Dispenser

We discovered this unique bread dispenser to keep it warm and fresh in this restauarant. Really works good. The night was too long, drinking champagne and white wine before and after bonny dinner of course ith my bff Dana.
Then we brought her home.
The encounter with other people makes our life worth living just right. Time that we spend with our friends and loved ones is always an enrichment of. And when we discover unknown receptive to occur, we might touch points where we would never have expected … *Dolly Bernal*


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