Yesterday December 29, our church community celabrated the FEAST OF THE HOLY FAMILY!
My husband and I we are far from perfect parents. But our compass has always been the Catholic Church as what I’ve learned from my late parents. And trying to live our lives in reflection of our faith.
Now a days lot of young people who don’t get along with their parents. Specially at the age of 16 and above. That is the reason why whenever my 2 kids either my son or daughter (or both of them) if they could find time to join us with our activities in the churh community where we belong specially attending the holy mass, so grateful to almighty God for all his guidance and enjoying it every moment.

My son Ronald-Louis

We celebrated it with Father Mars and same as usual we brought food for our lunch after the holy mass. My son Ronald-Louis accompanied me and also helped me on operating the projector with laptop for the whole program!

Ginataang Ampalaya

Bitter Melon in Coconut Milk (Ginataang Ampalaya ) with pork meat cooked by sis Nitz, I Love it 🙂

Apple Strudel by Sis Minie

An Apple Strudel baked by sis Minie.
And lots more, I don’t even get a time to take photos with the rest of viand… Guten Appetit while viewing…lol…


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