Inspired by my daughter, she was telling me since last week that she’s craving for pork belly cooked in other way and not as her father used to cook it. So I did it now, really an experiment gain in my kitchen. I got this 5oog squid heads yesterday from Vietnamese shop for only 2.89 euros. Was about to look for vegetables in which I can cook with, but I came to this adia why not cook it with pork belly!
This recipe is good for 4 people:-)


* 200g Pork Belly
* 500g Squid heads
* 2tbsps. Brown Sugar
* 2tbsps. Sweet Chilli Sauce
* 1/4 Liter Rice wine
* Ginger, thumb-sized and chopped
* 4 cloves Garlic, peeled and crushed
* some Juniper Berries, dried
* 2 Star Anise
* some Soup stock ot if not water
* 2pcs. Bay Leaves
* some Soy Sauce, about 3 tbsps.
* Salt
* some Canola Oil


* Heat a casserole or wok. Add some canola oil and brown pork belly. Add ginger, garlic, bay leaves, juniper berries, anise, sugar, chilli sauce and soy sauce. Then pour soup stock or water cover and cook until pork is tender. When nearly done add squid heads for about 3 to 5 minute cs. Serve with rice. Do not over cook the squids. The meat can get tough!


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