TILAPIA AND SQUASH TENDRILS (Tilapia at Talbos ng Kalabasa)

SQUASH TENDRILS a threadlike leaf or stem by which a climbing plant attaches itself to a support. These tendrils are the secret weapon; it’s how they grab and hold and then keep spreading. I find the tendril form beautiful. It is also very rich in FIBER!


* 1 Fried Tilapia
* a bunch of squah tendrils (Talbos ng Kalabasa)
* 1 tomatoe
* 1 Onion
* a thumb-size of Ginger
* shrimps extract (from shrimps head and shell)
* for seasoning fish sauce (Patis) or salt
* some vegetable oil
* some water, about 1/2 cup



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