Another purely experiment and creation from me 🙄

Cooking pork, like with other meats, is largely determined by the cut to be cooked. Cuts from the lower leg and shoulder, where the muscles have the most exercise, are likely to be tougher and are more suited to long, slow cooking, whereas cuts from the back tend to be lean and tender, making them ideal for quick cooking.


* 5 pcs. Pork scalope
* 1 pack frozen Croquettes
* 3 pcs. Carrots
* salt
* some Cilantro or Coriander, roughly chopped
* 1 onion
* some olive oil
* 3/8 liter of water
* 1 pouch Knorr Roast Pork Sauce (ready mix)


* Let’s begin by pounding meat and season with salt and pepper.

* Heat a pan, pour some olive oil and fry meat both sides. Meanwhile peel and slice carrots, onion peel and cut into cubes, cilantro wash and roughly copped.

* In the same pan, saute onion, carrots and cilantro or coriander. Add 3/8 Liter water, cover until carrots is tender. Then dissolve the pouch of knorr roast pork sauce, stirring until the sauce thicken over medium heat. return the meat and cover for about 5 minutes.

* Meanwhile croquettes can be cook in Microwave. Just follow package instruction. serve hot with croquettes.


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