A steak is a cut of meat. Most steaks are cut perpendicular to the muscle fibres, improving the perceived tenderness of the meat. In North America, steaks are typically served grilled, though they are also often pan-fried. The more tender cuts from the loin and rib are cooked quickly, using dry heat, and served whole. Less tender cuts from the chuck or round are cooked with moist heat or are mechanically tenderized. The more tender steaks have a premium price and perception; the idea of eating steak signifies relative wealth.

I made this for a awesome dinner today!!!
Neither of my kids care for pork chops or pork steaks, but I do, so I tag them every so often to indulge myself at dinner.


* about 1 1/2 kg Pork Steak
* 1 pack of Kotanyi Steak Seasoning
* 2 tbsps. Paprika Powder
* Salt and Pepper


**+Just mix all powder herbs and spices, and massage it to the meat then cook on a griller. I used my Turbo broiler also!…..that’s it…enjoy :pump-:)

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