NASCHMARKT— The Naschmarkt is Vienna’s most popular market. Located at the Wienzeile over the Wien River it is about 1,5 kilometers long.
On Saturday, the permanent stalls are complemented by farm stands. Where I always buy fresh “saluyot” (Jute leaves), eggplants, string beans, squash flowers (Bulaklak ng kalabasa), etc, etc…

Just like picture above. Hubby cooked it just like dinengdeng for our lunch with fried Bonito and seasoned with anchovy sauce. I love it for at least once aweek or only on weekend to have this meal.

The Naschmarkt is located between left and right Vienna row between cereals market and chain bridge on the superstructures Vienna River. The market is about 2.3 hectares and comprises approximately 170 stalls and shops, as well as some local. On Saturday, the permanent stalls are complemented by farm stands.

At the Naschmarkt, the different foods are offered:
Native fruits and exotic fruits, vegetables, baked goods like bread, fish and meat.

Through the new organisation of the market in 2006, it is permitted to keep open to midnight the catering operations at the Naschmarkt. Especially in the summer months there is here at night even a brisk business.

While most farmers markets in Vienna in the last 10 years harsh declines – often suffered in favor of the supermarkets the Naschmarkt retained his position.

There are more and more catering-local in the Naschmarkt. These are usually quite small. Some you can set before the hang-out in the Sun. Here you will find local Turkish, Greek, Asian, Italian, Moroccan and Austrian. There are still refreshment rooms, cheese-local and the pancakes corner.


The Naschmarkt has existed since the 16th century when mainly milk bottles were sold, as Milk Bottles were made out of “Ash” wood from an Ash-Tree, “Asch” english for “Ash” led to the name “Aschenmarkt”. From 1793 onwards, all fruits and vegetables brought to Vienna with carts had to be sold here, while goods arriving on the Danube were sold elsewhere. Nowadays, you can buy fresh fruit and vegetables from around the world, exotic herbs, cheese, baked goods such as bread, kaiser rolls, and cakes, meats, and seafood. There are also a lot of small restaurants which offers such as: sushi, kebap, fish, seafood, traditional viennese food such as Kaiserschmarrn or Palatschinken (compares to rolled up crepes) and stalls which offer clothes and accessories. Since 1977, the market extends further along the Wienzeile to an adjacent area every Saturday, when a flea market takes place there.

The unique atmosphere of the Naschmarkt is famous far beyond the borders of Vienna, and large numbers of tourists visit the market every year.


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