MERKUR RESTAURANT; this is not as an advertisement but we have experienced it and I just want to share it to all my dearest followers and readers. The family are so satisfied that I have to right entry about this not because it is only a few steps from home but also really good in every aspect we need!

Good morning in your MERKUR restaurant!

Start with a balanced breakfast enjoyable in the day

Fresh, fragrant coffee and warm pastries are simply a good breakfast. Yet to fine organic butter, fruity jam or a hearty serving of sausage and cheese. In your MERKUR restaurant you will receive selected breakfast products in certified organic quality, ensures that natural and gentle are produced. Artificial flavors or thickening agents have no place. Restaurant, enjoy morning breakfast in the MERKUR. (available until 10: 30)

No matter what the purpose is in the morning, MERKUR restaurant offers everything for a good start to the day: delicious hot drinks, fresh fruit juices, baked goods fresh from the bakery shop and much more. Also different offers waiting for you, starting from €3.50. There are also fresh fruit, Yes for people who are nutritionally conscious! Natural yoghurt and cereal ready.



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