Picadillo in the Philippines is a soup with small pieces of beef. My mother made her with potato cubes; my mother-in-law’s version has chayote. My version has carrot, potato and chayote cubes. How that happened is related in one of the earliest entries in this blog where you will also find an explanation as to why I call the dish “a la picadillo”.
Dont confuse Filipino-style picadillo with the Mexican and Cuban picadillo which is a ground beef stew. The Philippine version of the Cuban picadillo is arroz a la Cubana!


Makes 4 Servings

* about 800 g Beef Leg
* 150 g Green Beans
* 1 pc. Onion
* 4 pcs. Tomatoes
* 3 pcs. Medium-sized Carrots
* some Peppercorns and Salt


— In a casserole, combine water, beef leg, tomatoes and onion. Bring to a boil until meat is tender.
Season with salt and some peppercorns.

— When meat is tender, add vegetables, adjust seasoning if necessary.

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