Yesterday we are so happy for our daughter because she passed her Theory exam for Driver’s Licence, we celebrated it in Nordsee Restaurant at Hohlmarkt in first district of Vienna.
I am so happy for her, because it was second time she did it, the first try was failed. I was extremely nervous while waiting outside for the result with my son. Yay! for all of us. xDD

My son ate fillet of plaice with potatoes, wild rice and salad, while my daughter got baked Alaska pollock with some vegetables and wild rice and mine is paella and mix salad with balsamic dressing.

The restaurant offers:
Traditional fish-friendly, crisp fresh salad or hits for kids. Freshly prepared in the restaurant.
Snacks, sea buffet like whether noble seafood, salads, fresh fish and smoked fish specialities for at home or also as plate service. Sushi, delicacies, and grill and oven-ready products and noble kitchen helper of Nordsee healthy and delicious food with little time.

The start-1896
On April 23, 1896, a group founded on the initiative of Adolf Vinnen the “German steam fishing company NORDSEE” Bremen shipowners and merchants. The company’s own fishing fleet starts with seven possible. The goal: Fresh fish on the fastest road in the Interior to offer. In the same year, the first NORDSEE opened sales office in Bremen, Germany.

1966 The NORDSEE grows and grows…
.. .to a staff of now approximately 8,000 employees and a fleet of 43 ships. The trading division includes now 296 shops, 25 restaurants and 24 Headquarters “German sea”.

1994 It goes on
In order to expand its leading position in the industry, the business will be realigned at the end of the year: the previously separated segments of restaurants and retail are combined under single management.

NORDSEE accelerates international expansion.
NORDSEE opened branches in Istanbul (Turkey), Dubai, Spain, Bulgaria in the course of the year and in Bratislava (Slovakia). Of course here in Austria they have 423 branches!


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