Every Saturday I used to buy fresh vegetables from the farmers in Viktor-Adler Market at 10 district where I live.

Besides, that you have the opportunity to visit the farmer’s market during the weekend where you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, wine and other products offered by the local farmers.
The market named after the Austrian politician, name Victor Adler (June 24, 1852, Prague – November 11, 1918) was an Austrian Social Democratic leader.

Born in Prague, Adler received a university degree in Vienna in 1881. He founded the Socialist movement in Austria and created the Marxist journals Equality in 1886 and Workers’ News Paper in 1889. That year he participated in the Hainfelder Parteitag, the conference which took part in Hainfeld to form the Social Democratic Party of Austria. As a member of the provincial parliament he played a leading role in the fight for universal suffrage.

The stands are here is a large extent in the hands of Austrian distributor, but also Greek, Indian, and especially Turkish businessmen as well as chinese can find the envelop the entire market in the wonderful aroma of fresh goods.

The Victor-Adler-Markt is without doubt one of the most beautiful of the Vienna market, with its tightly strung together donation booths whose between street hidden even in midsummer, with many shades and awnings, coolness. It winds its way through this, sometimes even in caves reminiscent maze of streets, we shall pass by many interesting and unique small shops and stores.

Here I got some fresh eggplants, pumpkin and leek for only 1 euro per pack.
The eggplants I need for my “Ensaladang Talong”, pumpkin for my pumpkin cream soup and leek, I was planning to cook Sipo Eggs in which I need some leek for it.
Maybe next week I will upload on youtube the cooking video of this recipe. To all my “DISTRACTORS” whatch out!!! 😈



  1. liebe dolly,
    wir sind ihr groesser fan und bitten sie uns ein paar philippinische rezepte per email senden. danke

    • Lieber Jürgen.

      Danke für die aufmunternden Worte! Natürlich kann ich Ihnen paar philippinische Rezepte schicken.

      Sie müssen mir nur bescheid geben, welche Rezepte (welche Hauptgerichte: Fleisch/Fisch… etc) Sie haben möchten.


      liebe Grüße

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