Sariwang isda na nabili sa f-eins ng aking asawa. Hindi gaanong kaliitan pero malasa ang ang sabaw na nilahukan ng sariwang talbos ng kamote na bagong talbos sa sariling tanim at berdeng kamatis na galing ng probinsiya (Burgenland).

I have been cooking kinamatisang isda for many of our meals and I can’t get enough of it. The soup base is yummy and has just the right taste of tomato in it for a bit or sour flavor, coupled with the mild bite. Then I added this camote leaves or the so-called “talbos ng kamote”. Sometimes I used to add alugbati, kangkong, sitaw okra and talong too. Depende sa gulay na mayroon ako sa bahay. And I used to add more tomatoes too, here I added the green ones. You just need to watch out for the fishbones…kasi yong isdang nabili niya ay medyo may kaliitan nga.


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