This is my recipe for HOMEMADE BURGERS for viand and not for sandwhiches!
A very quick way using Knorr base mix for burgers. My 2 kids love this very much with mashed potatoes, but by this time I served it with rice and ketchup. By the next time I will show you the other way around without using knorr base.


* 500 g pork and beef ground meat (mix)
* 1 pouch of Knorr base mix for burgers
* 150 ml water, cold
* 4 cups of vegetable oil, for frying
* ketchup


—Dissolve 1 pouch of knorr base mix for burgers in 150 ml cold water and pour in into pork and beef ground meat.

—Mix well by hand, in a big bowl and make patties out of it.

—In a pan, heat 4 cups of vegetables oil fry the burgers until golden brown over medium heat. Serve with ketchup as viand.

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