There are numerous varieties of suman, with almost every town or locality having its speciality. One of the is this is “Sumang Kamoteng Kahoy”.
Cassava is finely ground, mixed with coconut milk, sugar, wrapped in banana leaves, and steamed.
The ither is the cassava suman of more solid consistency, sweetened with brown sugar and cocojam, steamed in banana leaves and served skewered. But here I bolied it!


* about 2 kg grated cassava
* 1 can condensed milk (sweetened)
* about 200 g grated coconut or coconut strip
* banana leaves for wrapping


***Mix all together the ingredients and wrap in banana leaves. Cover with water in a pot bring to a boil for about 1 1/2 hour, until done.


2 thoughts on “My CASSAVA “SUMAN”

  1. Can you help me, I’m looking for an dessert with rice flour , I used to go with my grand parents to parties and they would have this dessert round ball on bambo stick with a sugar glaze…do you now it or have a recipe…Thank You . Dennis Luis

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