Like me, you are probably over-extended, over-committed and over-booked. Which makes me wonder! Why is it that we can not give ourselves permission to ever respectfully decline? And, while we are at it! can not say no? Right?

This comes up because, as I write this, when I have commitments that, had they been on three different days, I would be gladly anticipating. And, to be sure, each is a case of my, a while ago, saying–Yes, absolutely! But then, calendars rearranged. Life intervened. The calendar went haywire. And here I am. Wondering how I will make it through the day and night. Could I have declined anywhere along the way?

Coffee plust fladenbrot with peanut butter, made my exceedingly bustling afternoon descend! Sorry Guys, no plan to go out today either to go for an invitation because too busy helping my daughter owing to T-shirts:( !!!

I think we are all hard-wired for it, or influenced that it is bad from other people. Infact, no is a complete sentence. I need to encourage everyone to develop the ability to always say “NO” period! No need to explain, justify or defend just say no and move along the rest is verbal nonsense that we will run through our mind over and over, let us learn to say and using the word “NO”.

Maybe it is “I” haven’t yet learned that it’s okay to be ourselves. To be true to our very own wants and needs. And sometimes that means to, well, just say “NO”. But what the hell do I know. Here I sit, eating my late dinner while trying to cut the meat for BBQ which is for sale on this coming Barrio Fiesta:((


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