TURBO-BROILER is a uniquely Filipino appliance!
TURBO is very popular because not everyone has an oven in the Philippines. Mine I bought it from Switzerland. My hubby and I, we use it for chicken and crispy pata. . . using basic marinade of calamansi, toyo, asin and paminta, or toyo, lemon, garlic, sugar, asin and paminta…
And later I tried fish, baking, and other dishes as well. I would say great idea and it helps a lot in the kitchen.

As you could see here, I cooked chicken legs in my Turbo broiler. A small Japan-made kitchen-top convection oven that was very popular in the Philippines in the late ’70s and early ’80s. Turbo chicken is definitely one of comfort foods tha my tow kids love. If you’ve never tried it, well it’s about time you have!
Cook Tender, Juicy and Crispy Chicken Using a Turbo Broiler. I sometimes use it also for baking some simple stuff like brownies, chocolate chunk cookies, banana cake and cones was great too.


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