They said Bubble tea, also known as pearl (milk) tea or boba (milk) tea, is a Taiwanese tea drink that originated from tea shops in Taichung, Taiwan during the 1980s. Now is scattering all over in the city of Vienna on every corner.
Bubble teas are generally of two distinct types: fruit-flavored teas, and milk teas. However, some shops offer hybrid “fruit milk teas.” Most milk teas include powdered dairy or non-dairy creamers, but some shops also offer fresh milk as an alternative. Other varieties are 100% crushed-fruit smoothies with tapioca pearls and signature ice cream shakes made from local ice cream sources.

Bubble drinks are usually cool, refreshing, and a sweet drink with tapioca pearls sitting on the bottom of a clear cup. Sometimes the drink is made with fresh fruits, milk, and crushed ice to create a healthy milk shake. You can also find drinks that are made of powdered flavoring, creamer, water, and crushed ice. And if you like it like the Asians do, the cool drink usually includes a healthy tea, infused by a flavoring. My favorite among the sortiment is the Taro which the Tapioca pearls are black, but can sometimes be found to be white or transparent. Depending on the ingredients of the pearl, the color varies. I’ve been told that the white and translucent pearls are made of caramel, starch and chamomile root extract. The black pearl includes sweet potato, cassava root and brown sugar, which add the black color.

Picture above was taken last week we visited the one shop near us with my two doggies and my two kids!
Only three minutes walk from home:-)
Also my youngest doggie “Riyanah” loves it…wink!

It is so refreshing specially on sunny hot days.
One thing is for certain. Bubble Tea is not a fad. It’s a trend. The wave of bubble tea shops has been safely in the last few months like a BOOM, have you noticed? At the time, they seem to shoot like mushrooms from the ground. At every major station in the city, in every shopping mall is at least a finding that offer bubble tea shop or branch. It is essential now, since then McDonalds in his “MC Cafe” also the Asian “tea” variant has added range to. This drink is addictive. If you’ve had a good one before then you know what we’re talking about. Try it now…



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