It has been included to our weekly routine eating outside in a restaurant or tavern. If not with family with family friends. By this time with sisters in christ!
Actually was not planned at all. Sister Evelyn treat us that night at Maredo one of Vienna’s steakhouse.
Located at Karlsplatz in 1st District of Vienna. Their steak is simply wonderful, this is also the reason why I want to come back once more with my family again there.
Unfortunately, the whole trappings is just mediocre, it is very impersonal and has somehow a little what of canteen flair. The waiter staff turnover is high and there is a bulk operation. For larger rounds recommended or if you have more guest.

We ordered Steak (Filet steak) and Gambas, with pommes frites, potatoe wedges, paprikas (bell peppers), shrimps, mais (corn), garlic bread with three different sauces such as hot chilli, garlic and cream sauce. We enjoyed the night and planing to do it again soon…

Not for vegetarians! is likely the motto in the Tascaria MAREDO Karlsplatz – only one in Vienna.
Maredo is a restaurant chain based in Düsseldorf that was founded in 1973. It specializes in steaks.
The name is a combination of the founders: Manfred Holl, Karl-Heinz Reinheimer, and Udo Schlote. They have 57 restaurants in Germany and 3 in Austria, employing 1700 people.



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