Today it’s Monday again and early in the morning I’m running out of time so hectic schedules. So don’t have a lot of time, supplies like eggs, milk, orange juice, paratha bread (frozen one) and cheese of any art, plus cooking tools? Grab from my freezer and refrigerator…Spruced-up pan fry bread. Grab some ready made paratha bread, cream cheese, eggs (scrabled eggs with philadelphia natural fresh cream cheese), and fresh orange juice to create a quick and energizing meal.

So this was today’s breakfast for my 2 kids. Twenty-first century demands have the modern family on the go, go, go! Parents, students and busy professionals need all the easy meals they can get. A fast-paced life can be tiring. Eggs are versatile, loaded with nutrition and very easy to make. Rich in natural vitamin D, protein, all nine essential amino acids, choline and B12, eggs are a great addition to any healthy diet.

Served with ready made “PARATHA BREAD” (frozen one). Which just heated in a pan without fat. An Indian bread made of whole wheat a flatbread. The Paratha is an important part of a traditional Indian breakfast.

This is plain without anything. I just pan fry without fat gently and turn it over for frying 1-2 minutes again. Until golden brown, and that’s it.

And the scrambled eggs with philadelphia natural fresh cream cheese. For a change and not the usual bacon and cheese.
A level of double cream, heat-treated cream cheese preparation without the addition of conservation materials, it says. The natural one. Try it with yourself!

Quick and convenient does not have to equate to a boatload of carbs and sugar. How many times have you heard, “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”? It’s true; it sets the tone for the whole day. Children need to be able to focus, and they need to be awake. GOOD MORNING VIENNA:-)



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