Remembering my late nanay again who likes eating crab very much during her time at Mandaluyong City. She usually cooked as “steamed alimasag” or “ginataang alimasag”. She loves also the claws or chelae (“sipit”). One advantage of living in a tropical island like the Philippines, as far as culinary adventure is concerned, is the abundance of seafood. The availability of many choices of fish, shrimps, lobsters, crab and other fresh sea harvests provide varieties of cookery one can experiment with. And of course the same goes to eating. Here in europe I don’t get it fresh always frozen.

Just like typical Filipinos, me and hubby like “Alimasag” a lot. We just cooked it steamed and hubby prepared the dip sauce with chopped onions, balsamic vinegar, dark soy sauce, chopped garlic, chopped chilli and pepper. By the way, it’s logical to position the crabs on their back when steaming them or they will crawl out of the pot during the process. Female crabs are most sought after than the male, because of the rich and tasty fats called aligue inside their body. Especially those “Pregnant” which carry fertilized eggs under their abdomen.


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