One of my fave feel-good food is PANCIT GUISADO!
More versatile and food-combination friendly. Something you can cooked conveniently fast. My eternal love affair with pancit guisado begins during my childhood. My nanays passion for this dish. Pancit would always be a part of birthdays celebration, christmas, fiesta, or whatever special occasion to be celebrated. She used to prepare in different varieties like; bihon, canton, miki, sotanghon, lomi as well as mix canton bihon, or mix sotanghon canton and sometimes sotanghon bihon:-)

I don’t get fed up with the noodles that would be on the table would love instead. Now a days PANCIT GUISADO would always be a regular fare for me. And if quite sometimes I don’t have it in my regular cooking I miss it…Just like today so I decided to have it for our lunch, my son and I topped on rice:-)
Also my doggie (Riyadh) got it for his lunch…LOL…
Sa amin kasi karaniwan na yun ginagawang ulam pero sa iba parang sobrang weird daw dahil pareho daw carbohydrates yun…..

Sa inyo ok lang ba? dito sa bahay yes except! Sanayan lang yan sa tiyan…
PINOY ka talaga kung katulad ko ikaw na inuulam ang pancit guisado sa kanin…lol…
Feeling at home kaya kapag ganito kahit nasa europa ako naninirahan, gets mo?


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