Who knows the history of the Viennese kitchen, which known that cooked beef in Vienna almost enjoys a cult status. In traditional kitchens of the capital of the once glossful Danube monarchy there today still gives it up to fifteen different sorts of cooked beef, is once twenty-four. So it is also the soup, the Essenz of cooked meat, which is not admired here like anywhere else. The yard kitchen of the Viennese monarchs was well-known for their soups. In enormous pots they met whole prevailing arene of the cross section by the Central European small animal and utilizable animal fauna, in order to prepare for the yard state the first-class pleasure of the soup. We will more modestly give ourselves, but on the knowledge around the quite high art of the soup preparation will fall back.

Soups are the ultimate comfort food. The love to this soup took me years to discover the variations on how to cook it easier. Using fresh produce, vegetables, herbs and spices for flavour, even rich and creamy soups can be made healthier while retaining their great taste. These soups are delicious and easy to prepare!
I love it with more soup greens in it and noodles. But for my family I have to add more beef. Picture above was the one serve from Brandauer, our favorite tavern here in Vienna.
Clear instructions and special sections of Helpful and Healthful Tips make this soup perfect for novice cooks or anybody looking for healthy and simple meals. This was my dinner last night.
Recipe is a classical under the soups and again and again really gladly eaten.


* 500g Beef leg with beef bones
* 150g Yellow Turnips
* 150g Carrots
* 2 3/4 Liter Soups stock (beef)
* 1 pinch Nutmeg
* 1 pinch Pepper
* 1 pinch Salt
* 1 bunch Chive, chopped
* 150g Celery
* 50g Noodles


** Meat cut into approximately 2 cm large pieces. Vegetables peel and cut into approximately 1/2 cm thick.

** Soup, meat and vegetables with moderate heat cook for 30 minutes or until meat is done.

** Add noodles cook for about 5 minutes. Then season with salt, pepper and nutmeg. Topped with chopped chives.



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