Yesterday was the church wedding day one of the couple from (MS-HFC) Marriage Spirituality Holy Family Community, brother Ed and sister Lyn. We are all invited. And as a member of MS CHOIR too. Took place at Maria Himmelfahrt Kirche (church) at 22nd District of Vienna Hirschtettner. I was with my daughter, Diana-Grace together on the wedding at the church then hubby followed us at the reception, because he had to work until 6 pm.

Was a great afternoon for all of us, the dessert harmony in green color which was the motif. Biko with Jack fruit (Coconut-Glutinous rice), Brazo de Mercedes and Buko Pandan (no picture above).

The fruits which refresh everyone on the sunny afternon!
Everybody has probably tasted this refreshing watermelon, right? … a fleshy, plump fruit with lots of water content and is good for a hot summer afternoon, kiwi, oranges and grapes.

Finally the late lunch but early dinner for us (daughter and I). Something with beef meat, pancit, lumpiang shanghai, and of course a little bit of rice:-)

The MS (Marriage Spirituality) Choir who sung and serenade the newly wed!
The wedding was ended by an amazing party from all ages, dance, dance, dance…


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