Vienna, Simmering is a quarter of Vienna and the 11. Municipality district. It lies in the southeast of the city and covers the former suburbs Simmering and Kaiserebersdorf as well as since 1955 also the former fishing village. During Simmering 1860 were agriculturally shaped set thereafter a rapid, big-city sheeting a those 1892 also to the incorporation of Simmering and Kaiserebersdorf finally led. First unobstructed and today industrial companies and market gardens remained accommodating width of parts of the district Simmeringer Haide. In Kaiserebersdorf developed in two thrusts, late 1960er to center of the 1970er as well as since midle of the 1990er large complexes of residential buildings specially in the start times the character of satellite cities had.

EKAZENT is one of shopping center along Simmeringer main street, Here we had our lunch my son and I last Wenesday after a half-day shopping. Picture above was my lunch, different breaded vegetables like zucchini (courgette), bell peppers, onions, tomatoes and green beans with chilli sauce. I got spring rolls also. Then I tried this green beans with tomatoes and eggs was a little bit hot and serve with rice.

The only shopping street in Simmering is the Simmeringer main street for instance within the range between U3 station Zippererstraße and U3 station Simmering, however is here primarily business of the daily need. Altogether 3 medium sized shopping centres lie in Simmering.


2 thoughts on “EKAZENT SIMMERING

  1. Dear Doll,

    Happy to see you posting an article about Simmering, my district, It is a beautiful quiet area and accessable to many shops, public transports and anything you need. It is not only the happy memories left what this place means to me but had found this place as my lovely home. Thanks again.

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