The total relaxation at the old Danube whether with sunshine, candle light or starlit sky, with a heartful meal in the beach cafe! Gladly they arrange weddings, birthday celebrations, baptism, firm anniversaries, Christmas celebrations etc. for you!

After a whole day retreat seminar: COME ALIVE in PFARRE HERZ JESUS (Parish of the Heart of Jesus) in 1210 Vienna, Tollergasse 9. We decided to have our dinner at Strandcafe in 22nd District of Vienna.

Of course same as usual the family’s fave…Spareribs, and I got my grilled mackerel with rice.
hehehe…I LOVE the TERM which Father Larry Tan used…”SIKSIK”, I remember what he told us during the seminar, “eh di mamaluktot kung maigsi ang kumot”…tOINKZ! —Here we really make “siksik para magkasya sa maliit na place, farang SARDINES but everybody was so happy with him and with father Ron:)

The Menucard, where you can find the food they serve and drinks. Like soup, for vegetarian, from pork, beef and chicken meat, grill speciality, fish, delicacy, side dishes or side orders, cheese, salads, sweets, and baked goods. We really enjoyed that dinner!


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