When is Palm Sunday 20112?
Palm Sunday, the final Sunday before Easter Sunday, marks the beginning of Holy Week. Christian churches distribute palms on Palm Sunday to commemorate Christ’s triumphal entrance into Jerusalem, when palm branches were placed in His path, before His arrest and Crucifixion on Good Friday. Filipinos here in Vienna joined the worldwide celebration of Palm Sunday, a Christian feast that marks the beginning of Holy Week, which concludes on Easter Sunday.

This was my lunch today Beef meat with Broccoli.
After attending the holy Sunday mass we went straight ahead at MILLENNIUM CITY to have lunch and at the same time to celebrate my friend’s 62th Birthday (ate Nina). I was wondering if we could start a list of all the restaurants that give free meals to people on their birthdays. But I don’t think so…..
She brought “Pansit” and the rest she ordered from different consignor inside Millennium City!

“Pansit” (Pancit) which she cooked at home and brought it all the way at Millennium City.

Didi’s lunch (my daughter), Crispy Canard also with Broccoli and Radish-Carrots Salad.

Mercy’s lunch, Crispy Chicken with Baby Mais, Broccoli and also with Radish-Carrots Salad.
Almost everything she got it from consignor “KYOTO”!
After lunch we had our coffee with sliced cake.
I consider myself very fortunate to have good friends here on earth… I think I am blessed when it comes to that area of life. I may not be wealthy when it comes to finances but when it comes to love ones and friends, I guess I am a Millionaire.

Palm Sunday is an important celebration in the Christian calendar. It is a moveable feast that is always held on the Sunday prior to Easter. The event marks Jesus’ arrival into Jerusalem shortly before his trial and crucifixion. The day is usually associated with worshippers carrying blessed palm leaves or a substitute. A palm frond denotes victory. There are many different and interesting Palm Sunday customs around the world.

PHOTO COURTESY OF Tin-tin Avinante (Leah Avinante)

It is a real family day in Jordan with church services being well attended. People make crosses out of palm leaves and children take palm fronds and olive braches to church. The service starts with a procession. Later the priest uses a branch to sprinkle parishioners with holy water. Almost the same as what Father Ron did today at St. Johann Kapistran at Forsthausgasse, 20th District of Vienna.


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