Chinatown in Vienna? The China center and Chinese supermarkets at the Naschmarkt who dared itself already once into the restaurant, we my family and I so with my daughter’s school friends in the China center, at the edge of the Naschmarkts, the impression will have perhaps won the straight national borders behind itself to have left and in the country of the smile have landed. Which does not come from approximate, because not only Europeanized Asian kitchen is offered here, but also autentische traditional kitchen. In contrast to the majority Asian restaurants in Vienna are many guests of the restaurant Zhong Xin of Chinese origin, why there is also a bill of fare in Mandarin.

Today hubby and we decided to have our lunch in this restaurant. I got my seafood soup with 3 pieces of small siopao annd hubby as usual his all time favorite and love of cripy canard with bamboo sprouts and its famous garlic sauce which fits at all. And of course not to forget the savoury sour soup. With my “BUNSO” (doggie) that completes our luch date today…wink!

There are so many dishes within Chinese cooking that it is difficult to narrow them down.
According to Chinese Superstitions, many people also abstain from eating meat on the first day of Chinese New Year … Nothing should be lent on this day, as anyone who does so will be lending all … given little red envelopes with crisp one dollar bills inserted, for good fortune.


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