Part elaborate breakfast and part hearty lunch, brunch is a wonderfully informal way to gather family and friends on a weekend morning. We have it today eventhough it’s only Wenesday and not weekend!
Hubs at home and my son too. We got up late while our daughter early in the morning already in her school. Brunch can be tricky—you may find yourself thinking, “Is this breakfast or is this lunch? Might as well eat both!”

From a hearty egg dish with bellpeppers, these easy healthy recipes are sure to please the entire family. I served it with brown bread, but hubs ate it with his rice…lol… Take it from me Folks…wink!
For sure the next eating session today will be dinner time, in between we gonna have coffee and something like biscuit roulade which I have in my mind since I got up today.

I just use 3 bell peppers (yellow, green and red, cored and cut into cubes). One onion of medium sized (peeled and cut into cubes), 6 pcs. beaten eggs, salt and pepper for seasoning and I used Becel Omega 3 vegetable oil. Topped with sliced frankfurter.

Becel Omega-3 vegetable oil is a special composition from sunflower, canola (rape) and linseed oil – which selected carefully for oils. The vegetable oil contains valuable several times insatiated Omega-3 and Omega-6-fatty acids, however no hardened fats. Becel Omega-3 vegetable oil is ideally suitable for a heart-healthy nutrition.



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