I’ve not been very good about keeping up with my writing these past couple of weeks. Some of these entry was only transfered from my old blog. But today hubby had got a day off from work. And luckily, my kitchen is always here for both of us a comfort in times of stress and a stage for when there’s celebration.

Today we decided to cook together for our lunch and also bake something for merienda for our General Assembly in the afternoon (MS-HFC) the community we belong. As usual if I’m in the kitchen my “BUNSO” (Riyadh, my dog) join me always and of course not to forget my Laptop! (yes, you read it right MY LAPTOP…hehehe…)

Pork liver and radish with balsamic vinegar. Most people, especially those who grew up in the cities, may be reluctant to eat meat dishes with liver. But not me, I love this palatable taste!
According to studies, liver is excellent sources of vitamins like; A, D, C, thiamine, riboflavin, and niacin and other nutrients like pantothenic acid, pyridoxine, choline, biotin, and folic acid. The internal organs are even richer sources than the actual animal meat. But we don’t have it off in our weekly menu plan…wink!

Today’s lunch pinakbet one of my favorites, in which I’m obsessed particularly when it comes to vegetables cooking!

Fried tofu is great on it’s own or dipped in just about any kind of sauce. You can also use fried tofu in a vegetable stir-fry, fried rice or noodle dish, or just about anything. I like to add fried tofu to vegetarian soups and salads for extra protein and a bit of crunchy texture. My daughter loves it just dipped in toyomansi with crushed garlic!

At the end I did my baking for the community in the afternoon while seating down with my laptop
Fret not, I am staying true to my writing and the pleasures of food. Sometimes I think cooking is the only thing that keeps me somewhat sane in this crazy world:))


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