I’m not fun of MEAT FOOD at all! I probably ate for most meals during my childhood vegetables and seafoods. Back home I used to love cooking a Sunday fish and vegetables for my family and friends or going down the restaurants for one. In Manila cooking meat food for lunch or dinner is not really practical due to the expense (expensive) plus all the required components.

When I came to Vienna everything had changed. And because of my family I have to cook for them. My hubby and 2 kids who are fun of eating mighty meat at all:)
So for our mighty Sunday Lunch today, grilled pork belly and shrimps sinigang (sour soup)!

What does it mean to “ABSTAIN”?

To abstain is to not eat meat. Its purpose is to be an act of penance – an act of sacrifice, that helps us grow in freedom to make much bigger sacrifices. Of course, it would not make sense to make the sacrifice of not eating meat, and then eat a wonderful meal I might enjoy even more. Many people eat a vegetarian diet, for a variety of reasons, and eating meat is not even an issue. It might be possible to abstain from a non-meal that I really like, on all the FRIDAYS of LENT. It should be noted that many people in this world cannot afford to eat meat or do not have access to it. Part of our abstaining from meat can place us in solidarity with so many of our sisters and brothers around the world.


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