Rituals when someone dies in the family, every family has its own traditions pertaining in dealing with the death. Much is probably based on superstition. The one with the 6 weeks or even with 40 days. The family members they believe that only after 40 days usually they would be able to talk about what happened.

This was my first time ever in my life here in Vienna to attend or to take part a 40th days prayer for the faithful departed, Brother Rey Reyes father!
Was held in their house in 20first District of Vienna with the Marriage Spirituality Holy Family Community (MS-HFC). Took place last Monday the 27th of February (2012).

Right after novena (prayer), we had dinner. Almost all the food stuff that was served came from the Philippines. We had Pinakbet, Ginataang mini Tulingan, fried Lumpiang Gulay and Pata (Stelze, knuckle of pork) for viand. As you could see in picture above:) And for “panghimagas” we had Ginataang bilo-bilo, Cassava cake, and Boiled Peanuts, etc, etc, etc…LOL… Kuya Rey was telling me that the okras in Pinakbet he brought it all the way from Pilipinas. Also the horse mackerel (tulingan), and the boiled peanuts was harvested from Sta. Cruz, Ilocos Sur where his daughter in-law came from. That was so cute to hear about!

In the Philippines the family usually holds a wake that can last to seven days, depending upon the family’s decision or if they are still awaiting the arrival of family members from abroad. Wakes are held sometimes at funeral homes, churches or even in private homes.

In the Catholic tradition, a nine-day novena prayer is held every evening after the Holy Mass or if it is at home usually at six o’ clock pm (18Uhr) and a celebration is held on the deceased’s 40th day as this is believed to be the day he/she ascended into heaven.


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