Healthy Chinese food at Chinese restaurants doesn’t have to be challenging. In fact, it can be quite easy since they are usually quite agreeable to making changes to the dishes to meet your needs.
Eating healthy meals at a Chinese restaurant therefore will mean requesting that the food is made without MSG and salt.
It’s pretty difficult to find options that include a salad or raw vegetables but you will find options that include cooked vegetables and little meat.
Look what I ordered down here for my lunch. Beef with onions and rice!

You can choose your meat with the same vegetables and sauces – beef, chicken, duck or pork. since the beef and pork are higher in fat, my hubby and our lovely daughter ordered crispy duck with veggies.

Crispy Duck with Veggies – Hua-Dali Restaurant

Of course with steamed rice. Many of the dishes at Chinese restaurants are fried or deep fried. If you let your server and restaurant know what you are trying to accomplish they will often try to accommodate your wishes if it is possible.

Hubby and I we got soup (chinese savory soup) as starter and our daughter spring roll!

Spring Rolls – Hua-Dali Restaurant

With the recent educational push for healthy diets to live long healthy lives, restaurants are preparing to meet the needs of their customers. Hua-Dali Restaurant is one of my family’s favorit place among chinese Resto here in Vienna. Not only the price are too affordable but also the service is good.



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