One of PINOY Breakfast!       “GISING NA…ALMUSAL NA!…nice to hear if somebody from family member wakes you up with these words!
I was asked one time, after attending Sunday mass a friend of mine who was accompanied by an Austrian lady. The lady she asked me of do we eat at home a typical PINOY Breakfast as she knows!
I said YES, of course but not as often as they use too. Then the next questioned was like what?
As you can see the photo down here…that was my answer!

I should say one of PINOY’s BREAKFAST ever. Then after that hubby brought me again to the hospital for check up, I got sick since Thursday morning…until now still not feeling well.
This kind of breakfast maybe for others is something new but for some is no better cure for a hangover than a Pinoy breakfast.


The typical day of the Filipino starts with “Almusal” – a hearty breakfast of fried rice with “Tapa” an air dried beef, adobo pork or chicken, or fried Danggit or Rabbitfish complemented by a cup of steaming “barako” coffee or thick hot chocolate. It is the most important meal of the day –  as the old people way back home said.

Since we are in Europe, we always start the day also with ALMUSAL, but a little different from I mentioned above.
To start with a nice day in Austrian capital city, it includes the typical example of Vienna’s finest breakfast like; 1 cup coffee or tea, fresh Semmel or croissant with egg, Jam and butter, for health consciousness also includes fruits, yoghurt and cereals.  Today’s breakfast, my family got sliced meat from can (Spam) heated in a pan, an egg, fresh Semmeln, glass orange juice and tea!

POTATO OMELET (for Breakfast)

ALMUSAL means breakfast and it’s an essential part of every Filipino’s day. Almusal is usually a hearty affair, complete with rice and meat (or fish)…sometimes even more than one kind! Now, with everyone and his brother busy with a million and one things, a traditional almusal is sometimes left by the wayside, traded in for a quick coffee and a random something bought from your friendly coffee conglomerate on the way to work. But that’s not my way, specially during school days. I see to it that the 2 kids get breakfast from me before they go to school.


Makes 4 Servings

* about 10 pcs. small Potatoes, boiled, peeled and sliced
* 4 Eggs, beaten
* 1 tsp. garlic powder
* 3 tbsps. Vegetable oil
* salt and some White pepper



This was our Sunday breakfast-lunch.
Hubby helps me preparing our simple breakfast-lunch…….The so called “BRUNCH”!
To get rid some of left over and to enjoy the ripe water melon!

Gaano ka kadalas na laktawan ang iyong tanghalian? well, kung ito ay madalas hindi mabuting sign para sa iyong kalusugan. Ito ay isa sa mga pinakamahalagang pagkain ng araw pagkatapos ng almusal. Lahat ay pinapayuhan ang pagkakaroon ng isang mabigat na pagkain ay mabuti para sa iyong kalusugan lalo na ang pananghalian (Lunch). Ang kumain ng pagkain ng isang mabigat na hapunan ay dapat na iwasan. Ayon sa pananaliksik, ang pagkain ng mabigat na hapunan ay di tama sa ating kalusugan. Maliit daw ang oras para tunawin ang laman ng tiyan. At hindi nakakabuti na matutulog na mabigat ang laman ng tiyan. Tulad ng nakasanayan ng karamihan lalo na ang mga PILIPINO. Dito sa europa hindi sila kumakain ng mabibigat na hapunan. Tama na ang kaunting bagay na mailalaman sa tiyan bago matulog. Tinapay, prutas o di kaya ay isang magaan at mainit na sabaw lamang. Ang pang araw-araw na pananghalian ay tunay na mas mahalaga.

Ngayong araw ng Linggo, palibhasa ay walang pasok sa trabaho at paaralan, ang buong pamilya ay nagtitipon madalas sa bahay lamang. Sa amin para makatipid paminsan-minsan, pagkatapos makiisa sa lingguhang misa ay babalik sa bahay at manananghalian.

Ang mga tira-tirang pagkain ng nakaraang araw ay hindi ko itinatapon ng basta na lamang. Ito ay uubusin sa susunod na araw, gagawaan ng paraan para maging kaaya-aya muli sa panlasa ng karamihan. Katulad ngayon nais kong maubos lahat ang mga natirang pagkain ng nakaraang araw……sa ganitong paraan, nakatipid ka na, masarap pa sa panlasa ng lahat.



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