VAPIANO is a new franchise chain restaurant so far has three outlets in Vienna!
This was the first time I visited this restaurant with Father Melanio and my daughter.

Food is ordered directly from the cooks at the individual stations. They prepare all dishes fresh in front of the guests. During the preparation, it allows every particular guests for each personal preferences. Like what pasta you prefer, pesto, side dish, salads, dressings, dessert, drinks, etc., etc., etc… Guests can also see or watch live how pasta and dolci are prepared fresh every day. Their pizza dough, sauces and dressings or pesto are also home-made!

The integral part of the restaurant are the herb garden and fresh herbs on the table not only serve as decoration – they refine each dish individually. The genuine olive tree that is at least a hundred years old and has a place of honour in each Vapiano restaurant.

We ate linguine bolognese, linguine pomodore e spinaci and mix salad with balsamic dressing!

If you wish to enjoy a cup of coffee or a glass of wine after your meal you may leave the tables for the bar or the comfortable lounge. This is made easy thanks to the innovative chip card systems – you pay at the exit upon leaving the restaurant. Vapiano is not only perfect for a Mediterranean lunch break, you may also enjoy evenings in comfortable company with family and friends.

Vapianisti believes this attitude towards life lived in this restaurant everyday by their guests and their employees!


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