This is my first ever, yes the first of its kind, Birthday Blog. When my birthday comes round it is a big deal, MY FAVORITE HOLIDAY, great day to reflect and celebrate life because I don’t want to make it all about me. But, the important thing about celebrating a birthday is to give thanks to being alive, and having a blessed life with caring friends and a loving family. Today I turn 48 years old, Yes, I am that old! I know this is my day, but also to everyone I am appreciative of having in my daily life.

Ny dog (Riyad) and I – iCookiTravel

Actually it started yesterday, the so called POST-BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION. We attended the holy mass at St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna with my whole family.

As a mother of two teenagers is not as easy as that. I can not see life any other way! I know that all the other little perks of life will fall into place at a time they are meant too. The day is great from beginning to end!

So, to end my first birthday blog thanks to everyone I know and look forward to meeting those I don’t know yet! Thank you so much who remembered me on my day, who send me greetings and wonderful wishes both personally, personal message on FACEBOOK (particularly Father Ron Sandoval and Ofelia Belmonte-Kern/ to those who does not want to be mention their names), on my FACEBOOK WALL, my TWITTER ACCOUNT, DAILYBOOTH ACCOUNT and for those who extra spend their time to ring me up (specially to SIS EMIE PEREZ-who extra POSTED a photo of mine on MS-HFC site on facebook and BRO. ERNIE and SIS. THELMA MALLARI/ to those who does not want to be mention their names) my MS-HFC FAMILY, to all my BATCHMATES of BATCH 81, my NOYTUBE FAMILY, my YOUTUBE FOLLOWERS, my TWITTER FOLOWERS, my DAILYBOOTH FOLLOWERS, my FACEBOOK friends, my friends in VIENNA, my friends all over the WORLD, my FOOD FRIENDS, my FAMILY FRIENDS, my BEST FRIENDS (you know who you are: BES/BFF), my RELATIVES and of course my very own FAMILY:)

O HEAVENLY FATHER I commend myself to Thy care. As my God and Father, thank you so much for the gift of life.

To my parents, where ever you are I want to thank you so much for giving me life. So far I have had an incredibly wonderful life thanks to your deep love and unselfishness. There is so much I want to tell you–but it all boils down to THANK YOU–because I have truly been blessed.

I think the only thing that will be missing this year is if I can make again my vacation to the place where I originated 48 years ago….. and that is PHILIPPINES!


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