SOTANGHON is the Filipino name for glass noodle also mungbean thread noodles!
In Korean cuisine, glass noodles are usually made from sweet potato starch. We Pinoys we love it.


This looks orange-coloured in real!
The orange-reddish tint in the noodles is from the natural food colouring from the annato seed powder I used. Also called or known “achuete”.


* 400 g Mungbean thread
* 4 pcs. chicken fillet (breast)
* 150 g shrimps, cleaned and peeled
* 1 onion
* 4 cloves garlic
* 100 g chicharo
* 1 big-sized carrot
* 75 g button mushrooms
* 1/4 head cabbage
* some chopped chive or green onions
* 2 tbsps. soy sauce
* 4 tbsps. oyster sauce
* 4 tbsps. olive oil
* 2 tbsps. annato powder
* chicken broth
* salt and pepper


— Soak sotanghon in water until soft about 20 minutes. Drain and cut into desired lengths.

— Heat a wok, add olive oil and saute onion, garlic, shrimps and chicken fillet. Season with pepper, oyster sauce and soy sauce, simmer for about 3 minutes over medium heat until chicken is done.

— Then add carrot, cabbage, chicharo, mushrooms and annato powder which is dissolve in chicken broth then bring to boil for onother 3 minutes and add Sotanghon.

— Mix well and cook for another 3 minutes or until noodles is soft and cooked through. Adjust the taste with salt and pepper if necessary. Dish up and serve. Garnish with chopped chive or green onions.


I really, really love vegetables and sotanghon!
Kahit yata almost everyday na part ng daily food stuff ko ito ay hindi ako magsasawa…
mostly kung ang lahok ay mga gulay at sea foods lang ay lalong mas masarap para sa akin. Today Tuesday, 25th of January 2011, nang mabuksan ko ang isa sa mga cupboard na lalagyan ng mga food stuff na stock sa bahay…I just realized na marami pala akong stock na Sotanghon, I think Kilowise yata ito. Then I openned the frig. may broccoli and carrots din plus shrimps!
WOW! perfect match para sa VEGGIES con SOTANGHON ko na pweding baunin rin sa duty later.

Sotanghon with broccoli, carrots, chinese cabbage and shrimps – iCookiTravel

And speaking of “PAMBAON”, kailangan maraming madala kasi sakop buong tropa sa work…..hehehehhehehe…
Paborito din kaya ng mga pinays sa duty na pambaon ang sotanghon ala guisado…wink!


One of my hubby’s favorite and always requested!
Specially in winter season of the year.
This is my version, to all my DISTACTOR, you can try it


* 250 g Glass noodle (Sotanghon)
* 200 g Frutti di Mare Special (Sea foods)
* 1 young onion leaf
* 1 carrot
* 1 onion
* 2 cloves garlic
* 4 pcs. wide green bean (breite fisolen)
* 3 tbsps. worcester sauce or oyster sauce
* fish soup stock
* olive oil
* salt and pepper


Delightful and flavorful soup that will sure satisfy your appetite for home cooking with an exotic touch. You won’t be disappointed. And it is not spicy!
It is a flavorful soup that warms the insides during the winter months. This soup can be made with or without the shrimp.


Since my daughter was a candidate for LIN-AY kang EDABEM 2010, who fortunately won…by the last canvassing held in Leonding Linz, Upper Austria last 10th of June of this year. So I decided the next meeting for the officers will be held in my flat, my way of showing My heartfelt thanks!
The food I cooked was serve for their lunch. I think everybody was so happy that day, knowing we brought back the crown to EDABEM VIENNA CHAPTER. As a mom, I’m so happy too for my daughter :pump-klaus:
Eventhough lack of sleep that day (came from night duty) I manage to prepare and cook all these dishes for them. They got Buttered Sotanghon with Shrimps, Chicken Afritada, Pan-fried Pork BBQ, Fried Horse mackerel, Horse Mackerel Sinigang, Pinaksiw na Pata, Mix Green Salad and Togue and Tokwa. Of course with rice and fof “Panghimagas” they got slice Water Melon. It was too hot that day, really summer…

Babet the treasurer (Grace Balimiento), brouhgt Maja Blanca for dessert. This made the lunch so perfect that day.
Sa dami kaya ng umattend, halos napuno ang bahay ko na parang sardinas ang mga tao…hahhaaa….
Sa init kaya ng araw na iyon talagang tumataginting ang init ng araw. Taos pusong pasasalamat naming ng aking pamilya sa mga sumuporta sa amin di maikakaila sa lahat na iilan lamang sila, sa nagdala sa akin sa situwasyon na ito na kahit yata laway ay walang naisuporta sa akin ay SALAMAT narin. di talaga maalis ang ugaling PINOy na tinatawag na “NINGAS KUGON”! Dala-dala parin hanggang sa abroad, kaakibat na yata ng pamumuhay ng mga ilan-ilang Pilipino!
Anyway, here are the food which I served for them that day:

Mercy my friend – iCookiTravel

My Mutti (mother) Mercy, she was trying the food afterwards.

Shrimps Sotanghon – iCookiTravel

This is one of my favorite at ng mga bisita rin yata kasi ito yong naunang naubos sa hapag kainan!…heheheee….

Fried Horse Mackerel – iCookiTravel

Fried horse mackerel, matakaw sa kanin ang ulam na ito, habang kumakain at tumatagal mas lalong napapasarap ang pagkain at napapadami ang kain lalo na Rice!

Chicken Afritada – iCookiTravel

Hindi gaanong naulam ang chicken Afritada, dito kasi sagana sa karne ng manok, baboy at baka. Mas ibig ng mga Visayan ang isda at gulay lalo na kapag pinirito at may maanghang na sawsawan…hehhee…

Fish Sinigang – iCookiTravel

So, may pinirito na may sinigang pa…sa SARAP KAYA!!!

Para Balance Diet kailangan may gulay din, o di ba?
Togue at tokwa, masarap sa piniritong isda.

Ensalada – iCookiTravel

Seyempre ang Ensalada ay di mawawala kahit sa ano mang handaan dito sa amin. Hilig ng lahat kainin lalo na sa panahon ng tag-init!
Mapa BBQ, GRILL, o di kaya ay mga lutuing karne, kailangang may kasangga na ensalada.

Pinaksiw na Pata – iCookiTravel

Hindi rin mawawala ang aking walang kamatayang “PINAKSIW na PATA”!


As a working mom, I always had “PAMBAON” too for my breaktime. At hindi lamang basta pambaon but to share others too! :pump-:)
Point ko lang as much as possible to prepare the food always at home. Prepare food = iwasan ang mga ready to eat, or iyong madaling iprepare na food katulad ng delata, hotdog, tocino, longganisa. for example for lunch box or merienda at work. Sotanghon with seafoods and with different vegetables is one among of my favorite “PAMBAON”. With this I could have it three times a week no complain! I really LOVE Sotanghon as long as with different vegetables in it and preferably also with shrimps. Look at this…….

Favorite “Pambaon” – iCookiTravel

Now tell me what’s in your mind?
Now you know why I love Sotanghon very much…you can give a try and let me know…


I want to get rid of my left over chicken and pork adobo. This is one reason why I cooked the pancit-sotanghon. The second reason is I’m expecting 3 people who are coming for the practice of dance number which we are going to present for a 60th birthday celebration one of my long time friend since 1986-1987. So in short the adobo was used and at the same time I have something for them to eat as brunch!
Was very simple just like cooking pancit with some unusual ingredients only you can find in my series recipe…..heheheee…..
I serve it with some sliced lemon and bun.


* about 1 1/2 cup of left over chicken and pork adobo
* 1 pack of Sotanghon
* 1 pack of pancit canton
* 1 onion
* 4 cloves garlic
* 75 g shrimps, peeled
* 100 g green beans, roughly cut into sticks
* some mushrooms
* 2 pcs. carrots, peeled and cut into sticks
* some celery, sliced
* some pechay baguio
* 1/2 cup of light soy sauce
*some pepper powder



My family, we are use to have our dinner or lunch whatever the viand is…always serve with soup and either rice or noodles. This was my hubby’s version of sotanghon soup with mussels, shrimps and yellow boletuses (mushrooms). Simplified saute art with fish broth cube, spring onions and salt to taste. The kids loves it specially my son. To prove here is his recipe…

Hubby’s Version of Sotanghon Soup – iCookiTravel


* 200 g Sotanghon
* 75 g Mussels
* 75 g Shrimps
* 4 to 5 pcs. Yellow Boletuse, (mushrooms) cleaned and sliced roughly
* some Spring Onions, cut into rings
* 4 cloves Garlic, crushed & peeled
* 1 pc Fish broth cube
* some vegetable oil
* Salt to taste


—Heat some oil in a casserole or big sauce pan, saute crushed garlic, spring onions, mushrooms, shrimps & mussels season with salt.

—Then add sotanghon, fish broth cube and soup stock or water. Let it boil once it boils lower the heat adjust seasoning if necessary. Cook until everything are done. serve hot!


Soup of the day…”SOTANGHON at TAHONG”, sounds PINOY na PINOY isn’t it?!
Most Filipinos knows Sotanghon soup, but the question is what goes with it? Chicken and pork are very common. Try this recipe of mine with mussels. I bought mussels with halve shell but cleaned already. It was a flavorful broth which was very much liked by my kids. I added yellow carrot too.



* 800 g Mussels
* 400 g mungbeanthread (Sotanghon)
* 1 each yellow and orange carrots, medium sized-peeled and thinly sliced
* 100 g mushrooms
* some scallions (cut into rings) or chopped chive
* a thumb-sized ginger, peeled and thinly sliced
* 1 onion, peeled and thinly sliced
* 3 cloves garlic, crushed and peeled
* some vegetable oil or olive oil would go also
* fish sauce (patis) to taste
* some soup stock or water for soup
* some pepper


— Heat a big casserole, add some olive oil or any vegetable oil. Saute onion, garlic, ginger, carrots, mushrooms and mussels.

— Season with pepper and fish sauce. Pour some soup stock or water, cover and let it boil.

— Add sotanghon and scallions and continue cooking until everything is done. Adjust seasoning if necessary. Serve hot top with chopped chive. GUTEN APPETIT 🙂


As you could see, I Love Sotanghon very much, that’s the reason why once a week I use to had it in my Menu plan…..


* 500 g Sotanghon
* 500 g Shrimps
* 1 pack frozen Wok Vegeteables
* 1 cup of water
* 3 tbsps. olive oil
* some powdered pepper
* 5 tbsps. Toyomansi or Soy Sauce


*1.) Heat a skillet, wok or pan. Pour some olive oil. Saute shrimps and wok vegetables. Season with soy sauce and pepper.

*2.) Add a cup of water and sotanghon, continue stirring to blend all together until sotanghon is done.


I LOVE FISH BALL, I’m so thankful that I could get it also in Europe, and the SOTANGHON too. I prefer to add the dry noodles to the pan and make them absorb as much chicken stock as they can!
Believe me or not I use to cook sotanghon every week as my “pambaon” or snack at home.


* Chicken bones (for chicken stock)
* about 400 g Sotanghon (Vermicelli)
* a cup of cooking oil (for frying fish ball)
* Fish ball (big and small) 1 pack each
* 100 g Shrimps
* 1 Carrot
* 2 pcs. small Zucchini
* 150 g Chicharo
* 1 pc Onion , thinly sliced
* 3 tbsps. Garlic minced
* 3 pcs. Spring onion, cut into rings
* 6 to 8 tbsps. Soy sauce (toyo)
* Salt and Pepper
* 1 pc. Lemon


1.) Place chicken in a casserole. Cover with water. Add 1 tsp. of salt. Set over medium heat and bring to a boil. Remove scum as it rises. Lower heat. Cover tightly and simmer for 45 minutes. Transfer chicken to a plate and cool. Strain stock.

2.) Heat a pan. Add cooking oil. Fry Fish ball.

3.) Heat a wide heavy skillet. Add cooking oil. When oil starts to smoke, fry onion and garlic until transparent and golden brown. Add shrimps, carrots, zucchini, chicharo, chicken breast from chicken stock, salt and pepper. Add chicken stock and sotanghon. Test noodles for doneness. When sotanghon is tender and all the stock absorbed, add fish balls and onion leaves. Stir for a few minutes until onion leaves just start to wilt. Serve with sliced Lemon while hot.


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