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I’m a busy Bee in my Kitchen – iCookiTravel

Hello everyone, I’m Dolly Bernal, a Filipina, mom of two, currently based in Vienna.

These are not only about my home cooking but also about my undying Love Of Travel!

If you love travel and want to do more of it don’t forget to check here out. I thought it would be interesting to explore why we love to travel. So I decided to put up some travel photos to illustrate my thoughts and raise a smile. For some travel’s a dream that comes true once a year for the annual vacation. Just like my family.

MY CRAZY HOME COOKING, is all about Collections of candid photos and videos, the everyday meals I prepare for my family, my personal version, creation and information about both European and Filipino delicacies.

With home cooked meals you have complete control over the quality of food. Home cooked meals are ideally cooked with a stovetop/oven and a good quality and safe cookware set. Most cookware out there is hazardous to your health. Cleanliness – No matter what restaurant you go to, your kitchen is more clean and sanitary.

Love—Seriously, this an important ingredient. Haven’t you ever noticed that food cooked by different people tastes different? Even if it is the same recipe. My hubby and two kids will often say to me, “wow this is good…what did you do different?” – And I had done nothing different with the recipe, but perhaps I was just in a better mood when I was preparing the meal. I gave it a little more love!
A Mother’s Home Cooking as it Best!
An update direct from my kitchen!
If you had asked me twenty years ago if cooking was a passion in my life I would say not really. But by time it has change, since I got two kids I enjoy cooking most of the time, and certainly became my passion in my life.

If you are not cooking for yourself or having someone else prepare you home cooked meals on a regular basis then it is EXTREMELY likely that your health, energy and body shape are suffering.

Eating out, even at the best restaurants, cannot compare to a home cooked meal.
So get passionate about yourself, enjoy getting and keeping your body healthy. You only get one body treat it well!


Hobbies and Interest:  HOME COOKING/ TRAVEL

Books:  All books about HEALTH and CARE

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